YOU HAVE THE FLOOR- Developing speaking skills at C2

You have the floor is a conversation-based course that will centre on productive skills at the C2 and upper C1 levels. The course will entail students not only expressing their ideas and opinions, but also paying attention to using functions such as agreeing and disagreeing, showing interest, disbelief, surprise etc., correctly. Students will begin to develop and exploit a comprehensive and reliable mastery of a very wide range of language to formulate thoughts precisely, give emphasis, differentiate and eliminate ambiguity and effectively employ a wide variety of sophisticated language to command, argue, persuade, dissuade, negotiate and counsel. Students will also work on developing a good command of a very broad lexical repertoire including idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms and show awareness of connotative levels of meaning.

A wide variety of topics and current themes  will be covered to allow students the opportunity to feel confident and comfortable expressing themselves on a diverse range of subjects.

Feedback will be given on students’ accuracy and pronunciation throughout the course.